The Chase

A running figure
A fleeing woman
A frantic sprint
She ran for her soul

A silent thundering
A bright shadow
A fearsome passion
It ran for love

A desperate breath
A quiet fear
A stumbling escape
She ran for comfort

A heavy step
A silent giant
A beautiful terror
It ran for jealousy

A sudden halt
A moment of quiet
A rustling behind
She ran for fear

A fearsome mystery
A terrifying majesty
A jealous intent
It ran for her

A quickening pace
A throbbing heart
A gaining fear
She ran from it

A glowing shadow
A silent King
A quickening pace
He ran for her

A gasping breath
A quiet prayer
A desperate plea
She begged for mercy

A marvelous creature
A still voice
A loving song
He called her name

A harsh blow
A silenced heart
A shaking head
She ran from His voice

A desperate run
A pleading gaze
A tender caution
He ran for her soul

A denying thought
A quick rejection
A reassuring lie
She ran from truth

A loving plea
A mournful cry
A shattering reality
He ran for revelation

A twisted counsel
A welcomed distraction
A comfortable darkness
She ran for shelter

A screaming whisper
A loving nudge
A holy light
He ran for freedom

A reassuring sentence
A comfortable bond
A hallow promise
She fell into captivity

A gaining rage
A jealous cry
A vigorous pursuit
He leapt into blackness

A shattered chain
A screaming anger
A broken master
She was freed by love not her own

A humble king
A hammer’s ring
A free sacrifice
He was killed by iniquity not His own

A weeping traitor
A paid debt
A freed captive
She had run from her savior

A shaking ground
A piercing light
A victorious King
He had freed the willing harlot

A sorrowful bow
A longing tear
A wishful thought
She laid her will aside

An expecting silence
A hopeful anticipation
A welcoming call
He opened His arms wide

A hesitant step
A silenced fear
A needed decision
She gave in to her pursuer

A reassuring voice
A growing peace
A beautiful exchange
He welcomed her home~

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