Lost in the Snow

Lost in the snow, I wander aimlessly
Searching through the winter cold
For any sign of life

But alas I am met with nothing but
The cold reminder of my isolation as I
Journey, every through the winter and

Wander through the snow

All around me is fields of white
Barren, without life
The world around frozen in a sleep like death

With none to hear me cry

I journey, still forward
No where in sight to find shelter
No where to run from the bitter cold

That inside me rages as a winter storm
And leaves me cold and empty
As this world encased in ice

I have, no where to turn
No where to run from my iniquities
That swirl around me, as a mighty wind and

Trace my shaking form with icy crystals
Slowing weighting me down, with garmet of
Death and sorrow, making me

Wish to fall asleep in the drifts of ice and cold
That around me sit so barren, so dead
As I am inside my fragile heart

Broken by the world and
Weighed down by my iniquities
I am utterly alone, to face them

No one to save me from myself

Where can I go? This winter storm, it follows me
And rages on inside my heart
Slowly killing me, with cold of death

For want of life I have never known, and
Denied in life before this winter
Found me out for my crimes

Now, where can I go
All is helpless and dead around me
Cold and broken as I

Who can save me from this winter, who can save me
From the death I so willingly chose
In my fleeing from the Light

The Light, I no longer see it
It fell below horizon and
Will not rise above this death

For I denied it, I told it no
And said I did not wants it’s power, nor it’s fire to save me from
This winter I am so lost in

Suddenly, my eyes grow heavy and
Darkness takes me as I fall
Headlong into snow drift and

Give up the fight against the desert around me and
Surrender to this icy death
I chose in my forsaking of this Light

As I drift softly into slumber I
Am suddenly seized by realization that
This is the end, there is not going back

I am to die alone here in this winter and
Never again see the Light, only death
And hellfire, as barren as

This winter I have chosen

As I lose all fight within me and
Surrender to my willing fate
I feel, upon my numb face, a familiar glow

Of a Light I once forsook

It stands above me now, through the snow fall and
Gazes down at my dying figure
Alone, and desolate, in bank of snow

Drifting off to death in defeat

It suddenly, does a thing I
Would never think it would
Instead of leaving me, to die as I deserve and

Wanted for myself, through choices and
Willing surrender to the darkness and
In deliberate fleeing from the Light

It takes a part, of itself and
Places it around me
Like a cocoon, or safety net I

Am suddenly surrounded by this beauty of
The Light I never knew, and denied
In my life away from it

It wraps around me and
Whisks the death of my trembling skin and
Brings life, back into my feet

Long numb by this bitter cold

And suddenly I see
As I am flooded by the warmth of this Light
That what was wrapped around me, now looks like me

In appearance of a man

Who now bears, this cold and numbness I carried and
Now bears the weight of this icy death
I so willingly deserved

As I try and shout after it, it
Goes down the path I was meant to walk
To death and pain, for crimes and did

Against its Own Holy Light

And yet now I, am without cold and
Am free from icy shackles and
Now feel alive again, by power of

This Light that took my place

That now walks down that wandering path and
Goes to die as I should have
Beneath the weight, of icy death

Beneath the sorrow and the sin I committed and
So willingly committed in life

I look to the Light that, above me stands
That gave this piece of itself, that now walks
The road I should have and

Suddenly see, that it too, still remains
Here with me in the storm
Brought on by my own wicked heart

I tell this Light, not looking at it for
Light too brilliant and glorious
Radiating from its form

To leave, and go
And leave me here and
Forget I ever was

To go instead, and spare the One
That part of itself
That still walked deeper into winters night

To die as I deserved

But the Light does not look at me, it
Instead seems to beckon me to watch, as piece of it
Takes what I should have and

Dies in pain, on an icy drift and
Is consumed by death and my own sin
That raged all around me and

That I should have borne the sentence of

I run, not knowing what else to do
After this Light, in form of man
That now lay dead in the snow and cold of my

Own wicked and sinful heart
That I should have died in
I who committed them and

Danced with them in life

But still, there He lays
Before my eyes, now turning purple and
Blue from winters cold and

Now dead, as I deserve and
Now dead in my place
For me. For me.

Who alone deserved this winter and
Cultivated it, in life and
Fed it with lies and deceit and

Wished it rage, that I could have
Some pleasure in my life and
So deny, this Light that now lay

Dead before me in that drift

I bow my head, a moment and
Cry for this One I never knew
The One I never wanted

Yet, this winter too
Cries out with water and
Begins to melt, around me as

The Light inside the dead man begins to burn
Brightly as the sun

I step back in awe, as form of man
Is blazing bright as Light and
Seems to be, melting this winter I chose and

Undoing the death I chose myself

And suddenly, I see that I
Am no longer clad in icy shackles but
Free to run, and dance in sing

In this world made green by He, this Light
Who became a man, and dies for me
By Him who took this winter and, gave me marvelous light

And found me in, my winter storm
And set my feet to dance, no longer bound
In icy chains

For that Light, made flesh became
I saw with my own eyes
As Him, who died, was lifted up And

Made alive by power of that Holy Light
That still blazed inside Him and
Was, Him, in a way

For He was of that Light

And He, was made alive again, by beautiful power and of Life
And enthroned, in High places, with the Light who made Him so, with His Father who
Was for all eternity

And He now is, enthroned in Heaven for
All eternity
For He came, and died for me

The one lost in winter and
Gave me spring, by His life and
Made me new, in Him forevermore

That I could dance, beneath His Light and
Praise Him who died for me
And live forever, with the One

Who saved me, the one who was lost
In winter of my own making
That I could be His, the very Light

Who formed the world and gave me spring
For my darkest winter and
He who made me alive, forevermore

And found me in my darkest winter
And made me alive, and mine no longer but
His own. Saved by Him

Who turned my winter into spring

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