Isn’t Love a Risk

Isn’t love a risk
To give ones heart to another
To hold, to love, to enjoy
Or how tragically to break it

Isn’t love a risk,
Among mortal men
Who chase ideals and beauty yet
Pay no mind to death inside their hearts

How much more than,
Could love be a risk
If given from on High, to fallen world
To see them saved to Him?

See, love is not without danger
It is not without blood
For the love He gave us on that cross
Was not passive or without struggle

No, it was painful
It was horrible and wretched that
Which He so willingly suffered
Because of His love for us

So how can we, then
Speak of love so flippantly, when
It was given, it was purchased at
Such a high price?

And how can we, then hope to live
Any other way, without danger or risk
In pursuit of Him, who gave His life
Of Him who died for love?

How can we, claim to love Someone who
We do not serve in life and
Then too refuse to take any risk
Or do anything we are uncomfortable with?

Love is not passive. No.
Love is not comfortable.
It seeks, most violently, the best for those loved and
Does as commanded by Him we love

See, love us is not a passive thing
He did not leave us to die, but came, instead
In our stead, to die for us
That we could live for Him

So how could we resist this One and
Reject Him who died for us
How could we, refuse to do what He asks because
We are uncomfortable?

Friends, we are called
To love one another and, most of all
Love our God in Heaven and
His Son who died for us

And love, as is from Him
Cannot exist without danger, no
For it pushes us to do and act as He desires and
It pushes us to Him

So let us not, live our lives
Outside of His will, for fear of what
He may do with us, if we give our all
And live surrendered to Him

Let us let, our love for Him grow deeper and
Let Him teach us how to love as Him and
So let that love, grow reckless as it becomes
Enraptured and given by, Him who died and

Gave His life for us!

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