My Peace

Standing at the edge
Of an endless precipice
Greater than I
A hundred times over

Stronger than I could ever, ever hope to be

I look into its boundless waters as
It’s winds rage around me
How can I, hope to stand
Is there any hope for me

To weather such a storm?

For I am helpless, against this onslaught of
Nature and of storm
For it is much greater than I
Greater than anything I have ever faced

How can I hope to stand?

And yet as I stand, trembling in fear
Before this grand display of my insignificance
I realize that, very simply
I am not alone

For by me sits, a Light, a Power
Greater than anything I’ve ever known

And in Its eyes I see, the power and the violence of
A love and a justice that rages
Greater than any earthly storm
That burns through the heavens and the earth

I realize that, this Thing is
Something greater than, I could ever understand

And here it is next to me
As I sit trembling

How could I, be afraid, of storm that is
Miniscule in comparison to
This Light that is next to me?

So whatever storm rages
Whatever hurricane may bring
I choose to trust, this God who is

Next to me, who will not fail
He who will not leave me alone
To battle such a storm

So I can rest, as winds rage
And rain pounds on every side
For my God is with me, yes

I am not alone

So whatever storm may bring
Whatever happens next
Even if it rages all around me and

Tears my home to pieces, I
Know that my God, He is faithful
This Lover, He is true

And He has not failed me, no
He has not failed me yet!

So I choose, to trust in Him
As waters rise around me
For He is good, yes my God is faithful

Even in the storms!

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