The Sun Will Shine Again

As promised on that morning when
We opened eyes to see
Darkness gave to morning sun
And storm was blown away

All around was bathed in color
The air was filled with green
Hues of life, reminding us
The sun had shone again

For in that darkest night
When wind was, howling
We feared that day may never come
Nor winter ever turn to spring

But as we huddled under roof and
Heard the wind scream it’s wrath
We heard a quiet voice, do whisper
“The Sun will shine again.”

For that voice, He is faithful
Our Lord, He is good
And He can be trusted, yes,
Even in the darkest storms

For He has used this one, deemed unsurvivable
To cover land with glory of
His own beloved Son

That through the chaos He,
Might usher men back to Him
And turn their hearts, towards Him
To call on Him again

For what is storm, in His sight
What is death and fear against the Almighty
For He is, the faithful God
No matter what storms may bring

And now as we, sit in wind
Of storm now blown away
We can know that, whatever comes next
Our God will be with us and

He will bid the sun to shine again!

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