I Do Not Believe It

I do not believe it that

You would come, and die for me

The rejected of the earth


I do not believe it, that

Still, after all these years of hardship and rebellion You

Still remain here by my side


I do not believe it that

You would come, and give Yourself

That You would give Your Son for me


Who am I, who am I to deserve

Such love, such mercy from

You the unfailing God


For in Your eyes, truly I

Am nothing without You

Truly I, am lost without


Your unending grace


So how could I, ever hope

To believe such a thing

That You, the uncreated God


Have loved me as You have


That You have done, so much for me

That You order all creation, and yet

Choose to look at me


I will not believe it!


Yet, it is You

My God unfailing that

Pushes me, and calls me to


Believe in such a gift


It is You, and You alone that

Calls me to trust in You, and in that trusting come

To revelation of Your love, that I may see


The reality, the beauty of

You, my God, who has no equal

You who have loved me so


I am lost for words!


So help me God, to believe it so

Help me to trust in You

And in that trusting, find You as


You truly are


Benevolent, merciful

Loving and forever true

Always constant, never failing


My God who has no equal!


Yet the mystery, still remains

That You would come for me

For it was I, who trespassed You


I who failed and denied Your name


Yet it was You who came

It was You who took my place, and died upon

Tree called Calvary


And You took it all, You bore my shame

You freed me from my sins

You took Your own wrath, that I may be


Free and redeemed by Your blood

Pure and holy by the name, by that beautiful name

The name of Jesus Christ


The mystery Himself


And I choose to believe it!

For You have proved Yourself, merciful and true

In every day, in every pain


You keep drawing me to You


So I choose, this day to trust

In You the never ending God

To love, to hope, in You alone


My God who never fails

My God who has no equal, I

I believe that You


Are good, and true, and trustworthy

For now and all days

For have paid it all, yes You have paid the price for me


To be Your own child, chosen by

You my God in Heaven!

For that is mystery, that we


Did not choose You


But rather that You, oh merciful God

In Your goodness and Your love

Chose to save us from Your wrath, by Your own blood


Yes, You gave Your Son for us

You the uncreated God, the beautiful Mystery

Help us to believe in You, and Your goodness that
We may declare it before all men


That we, may be

As lights here on this earth

Reflecting You, and Your goodness


Here upon the earth


So help us to, trust in You

And continually believe

That You are, exactly as You say You are


The God who never fails

The God who chose us first, and He who died

And rose again to save us from


Ourselves and our sin
To make us Your own, to make us free

Able to fellowship with You,

You the uncreated God
We believe in You

We call on You this day!


For we are, in desperate need

We are yearning for You again

Come and heal, come restore our lands


Have mercy on our sinful borders and

Bring us back to You!

For we are nothing, without You


We need You in this place


So come, and move in us again

Come and change us with reality, with fire of

Your Love and holy name


Come and make us, Yours alone

Help us to believe

That You are, as You say You are
And that You can be trusted, You who are

You who are the unfailing God

Our God who has no equal
The God who has no end!

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