Throw It Away

Overwhelmed, undone in the face of
The Holy uncreated God
The One who is, and is to come

I know not what to do!

I find myself, vulnerable
Wide open in the presence of this One, this God that I
Do not, cannot fully comprehend, yet lives

Yet reigns on High!

When faced with such a Holy One
When before such a Holy God
My spirit screams, my heart yearns

For just a touch from His hand
For just a look from His Holy face!

Yet the liar, tells me that
This is not real
That world is better than, all this God can offer and

That he offers more than this God could ever and that I
Should simply though Him away, this God, this delusion and

Believe his lies today

I feel my bones aching as
Darkness fills my eyes
The world is beautiful, my lusts, so tangible

Perhaps his words are true

All I want, all I desire is
Within arms reach
Just a denial away from my grasp

All I have to do, is say no to this God, this Holy One
Him who the liar claims is false
And I will have, all I desire

I will be who I want to be!

No! No!
I will not deny Him
I will not deny my Lord!

Fight, oh spirit within me
Rage against the dying light
Rage against the darkness!

You are more than this lust
You were purchased at great price
Don’t throw it, don’t throw is all away

For a night in bed with earth’s riches
Met by dawn of eternal torment!

Rage, fight!
Rise again, do not sleep
Your God is more real, more tangible

Than any lie of earth

He is true, yes, He is true!
My God, He is true!

Wake up, oh soul within me
Rage against this liars words
Fight against the deception!

Not with power of
Your own might but
By Spirit, by word of

This God you need, Him you love
Return to Him again!

Oh fight, oh rage
Oh do not fall asleep
Many men have been fed lullabies

Drenched in blood of innocent men who died, to be silenced that
The truth of their God may not be proclaimed!

Too many souls have been told that lies are
The food, the bread and butter of
Successful society, and have thus

Sold their souls to the liar and found themselves
Apart from God and without Light!

Oh who can save them from ourselves
Oh who, oh soul in me
Can save you from yourself?

None of men, none of liar, no
There is only One
The Holy, uncreated God, it is Him alone who saves

Oh call, oh call on Him again
Do not slumber, do not dance with lies
As couple dances in courtship but

Instead, strike them down
And scream that name above
Every other name

Rage, rage
Against the darkness and
Scream the name of Jesus

Watch them run, watch them fall
The lies you courted once
Watch the shackles fall away, as He comes

As Savior enters room

And find that God is, more real than any and
Find Him mighty, find Him strong
A refuge for the weak

And find in Him, your everything
Find in Him your all and all
Yes, call on Him, the Living God in Heaven

Do not throw Him away!

Find Him, seek Him and
Brother, He will find you
Watch Him take you up, in arms of love

Watch Him clothe you in His righteousness

And watch darkness fall, away to light
And morning sun blade once more
As King walks in, to mortal room and

All eternity shakes

As heaven rejoices as, a soul comes home
As one is welcomed home
As Savior covers you, in His blood

And makes you as His own

Such a thing is, too beautiful
Such a God is too wonderful
Seek Him, seek Him, I pray

Run to Him again
And watch as lies, fall powerless
Watch as liar runs away

As Savior, meets you where you are and
As He blinds you with His Holy light
And all of Heaven, rejoices and

Welcomes you home

Redeemed, purified by Him,
The God in Heaven who
Is so real, is so tangible

The Holy Living God, who hears
The Great I AM Himself~

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