You Just Have to Hang On

When faced with power of
Holy God in Heaven we
Are powerless, truly we are nothing without

Him who saved us for Himself

When faced with mission to
Save the lost and heal the sick
We must not fear, for power of

He in us is
Enough, enough
Against this dark and evil age

Against any power of the earth

And if we ask, in repentance
If we call on His name
He will meet us, and He will give us Himself

In form of Holy Spirit fire

And we, must not hinder it
Not fear the fire of
His glory or

Seek to control where it rages

For it, for He
Serves only One
Only Him who made it so

And He, He is One with Him
The uncreated God in Heaven and
He is not tame, nor is He weak and feeble

He is the uncreated, holy God
The Great I AM, the uncontainable
Passionate Savior, the beautiful Lover

The jealous God, whose Name is such
Whose Name is Jealous

And we, when given fire are
Not to try and dim it or
Contain it for our use

Nor are we expected to
Do anything for God without Him
Without His hand leading us

For without Him, we cannot
Without Him we are weak and flesh
But with Him, but in His hands we are

Vessels for His name, children of the Living God
Saved by His own blood!

And when He asks us to
Do something that seems
Impossible, or too daunting for

Any man of earth

We must simply, trust in Him who is
Forever good, forever just and
Unyielding to evil and

Relent to, His Holy call
Surrender to His perfect will
We must simply, hang on, and let Him carry us

And let Him use us as He wills

For He can be trusted, and He is good
So let us trust Him with our lives and
Simply hang on, to His name and Spirit and

Trust, in Him who leads us on
And let His perfect will lead us to Him,
To have as walk as He did

Not by power of ourselves but
Only of Him who loves us so
We must simply, we must unyieldingly

Hang on, hang on to His Spirit and
Let Him guide us where He wills

For He can be trusted, and He is good
Let us give our all to Him
That we may be, worthy vessels of

His Holy Name and will
Children of, the God in Heaven and
Those led by His Spirit, consumes by

His very Spirit fire
Aflame by His love
Burning for the glory of, Him and Him alone

His, and His alone
Let us cling to Him who saves
To Him who bids us to simply hang on

Him who leads us on!

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