Who am I?

Who am I?
I do not know
As you ask from painted billboards and
Scream to me from cardboard signs

Who am I?
Am I enough?
You make me question as I wonder aimlessly through aisles stocked
With things to make me better and

More worthy of something I will never have
Nor ever wish to have and yet
I find myself pursuing, in days spent toiling
To be like you, you who tell me that

I am not enough

Yet as I wander through halls of
Self and reflection I
Am greeted by, you once more
An enemy, I’ve called friend

For more years than I could count

For I look at you, and believe your lies
I believe what you say about me
And I am, comfortable
Damaged in your arms that make me feel

Insecure about all of me and
Make me hate myself, and who I am
Because I am not you
I am not what you had wanted

For your lofty expectations are
Placed inside my head
By I, who take your lies demanding perfection and
Try to soar with them as wings

But instead of soar, I fall to earth
Heavy under weight I was never meant to carry
Yet you, bid me to, that I might be
Bound forever in your shackles and

Blind to all your evil

That I might, forget who I am
Who I am really called to be
By One who is holier, and really, has no comparison to you
That I may be seperated from Him

Cut off for all eternity

Then your work, will be complete
You I once called friend
For every lie, every word
Every falsity under guise of truth was spoken to

Drag me down to hell, away from Him
From Him who alone is true

So away from me!
You worker of lies!
I will believe your spittings no longer!
I choose to trust in Him

Who alone made me, as He intended and
Who calls me to be, so much more
Than you ever feared and
Than I ever dreamed

For what I am, is not mine
All I am is His
He has called me, as His own
So I can rest in confidence

Knowing that, He is good
And faithful for all time
Forever true, always merciful
Him who made me as I am

And I, I now know who I am

And that is enough for me.

For You have called me as Your own
A thing I will never truly understand
Yet Your great mercy is, enough for me
So I will praise You, forevermore

You who have called me Your own
I will trust in You
For You have made me, pure and spotless
Cleansed by Your blood

And so, the only thing
The only title, the only approval I
Will ever wish to seek
Is Yours, that I may please You

That I may be Yours, and Yours alone
A thing, You have already done by Your great mercy
By Your own spotless Son
So I will rest, and know that I

Am Yours, and Yours alone
And that is enough for me.

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