In His Arms

Oh do not fret, oh men of earth
Oh families of fallen ones
For the God who gave this precious gift
Now holds them in His loving arms

Do not fear, for what may come
Nor dread memories of past
For the same God who holds tomorrow too
Is Lord over the past

And He brings healing, in His wings
And comforts the afflicted ones
He is near to the brokem hearted and
Constant forever throughout the ages

So do not fear, for ones lost
For those no longer with you now
For they are in, the arms of Jesus
Safe with Him in eternal shores

Till that day, when sky splits
And dead will be raised
And all the earth, will bow the knee
And praise the Savior King

Then, on that day
When eternity begins its song
You will see, child again
Held safely in His arms

In the arms of Jesus

So now rest, and know that He
Too holds you in these hours of
Greatest need and pain
And know that just, as one lost is safe with Him

So are you, dear child of God
You are safe inside His arms
He is near to you, even now
And He is with you, in the pain

Your peace, your refuge in the trials and
Your comfort in the darkness
For you are safe, in His arms
You are safe in the arms of Jesus

And He will never leave you, and our God
He can be trusted
So rest, and grieve within His arms
For you are held safe within His wings

You are safe in the arms of Jesus~

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