Dancing in the Rain

Which takes more courage,
To dance in the sunshine or
To dance in the rain?

To revel, in happiness
Beneath the blazing summer sun
When all is well, and nothing’s amiss

And world sings a happy song

Or is it nobler, to
Instead dance when sorrows fall
Like rain on weary household and

When all around falls away

I propose, both are well
But to dance in the rain, takes confidence
In One above circumstance

In One above the rain

For, to be happy in sorrows is
Impossible, unless trust is found
In place other than circumstance and

Instead in One who controls them all

For then, if such One is trusted
Above what eyes may see, and heart may grieve,
Then, my dear, you are free to dance

You are free to triumph in the rain

For your joy, is not on circumstance
Nor your trust, on worldly peace so fleeting
But in One, who will never fail

In One, who is always faithful

In One, who is forever good
In He, who is forever trustworthy
In God, whom we can trust

Who gives us strength to dance in the rain
And the joy to smile while doing it
Even as the sorrows fall

For our trust is in Him
And He will never fail us, no
Not even in the rain~

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