All Heaven Rejoices

All of heaven rejoiced

When the veil was torn in two

All of heaven rejoiced

When the stone, was rolled away


And the King rose in victory!

For God, had made a way

For men to come back home

And in repentance, find their everything

In the one, who created them


In Him, who even died in their stead

In Him, who rose again

For indeed, all heaven rejoices at that name

At the name, of our victorious King


Who died and rose again!


And now, all heaven rejoices

When a soul comes to the Lord

For He has made a way!

How great He is, and how marvelous is His love for us


Let us join, in heaven’s rejoicing

And praise the name, oh the glorious name

Of Jesus Christ the Lord!

The one who bled, and died for me


And rose again in victory!

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