The Good Captain

We have our orders

So steady on,

Steady on

Further, into the depths


We sailed away from lands we knew

Out into waters,

So unknown

Trusting, in Him who sent us out


In Him who guides us home


For the good captain is at the helm

Though often times,

We cannot see Him in the waves

So we trust, in His good judgment


Knowing He will lead us


Home again

Back to shores, back to Him


Home again to Him


So we know He will bring us through

Even in the storm,

For He knows the waters

And He guides, there every swell


So we cling to Him alone


In His great name

For He, He is faithful and trustworthy


He is the good Captain!


Fairest among men

There is,

None like Him

None like Him, in all the earth


So we trust


In His name

In His leading, knowing He will bring us safely


To shores of His making

To those places,

Only He can lead

For it is He, who guides us home


Safely to His shores


So good Captain

Lead us on,

Whatever storm may come

We trust, in You alone


Good Captain, lead us on!

Have Your way in us

For we trust, in only You

So good Captain, lead us on!


According to Your perfect will

We trust,

In Your leading and direction

Have Your way, have Your way in us


Good Captain, we trust in only You!

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