Imagine where those feet have walked

Imagine where those bones have stood

Imagine who those arms have held

Imagine who those hands have held


Imagine for a moment

All of humanity, stretched out

Like a canvas, or a novel

Like a page in a book to be read


Imagine who has read that page

Imagine who has penned those words

Imagine who has guided each step

Imagine who has planned each word


Every second, orchestrated

Every beating of every heart

Known as intricately as a watchmaker

Knows the ticking of his clock


Imagine what those eyes have seen

Imagine who that gaze has touched

Imagine what that heart has felt

Imagine all the tears He, our God has cried


Imagine, just imagine for a moment

Let your heart be quieted, and hear

The cry of the Father’s heart

Let yourself be moved by it, molded by it


Don’t be afraid to cry

Those same tears, with Him

Who weeps over the lost

Who cares for the least of these


For too long we have been content

Content to be unmoved, untouched

Content with business as usual

Content to live, without the Father’s heart


Beating in our ears, content

Without His voice ringing in our heads

Content without, satisfied even

To be without Him


When He weeps, while he waits

For us to wake and see

The need of the hour, and be unmoved no longer

But to cry out, to plead


On behalf of those souls

Burning, lost

Dying without Him

Without the very thing


We have been content to live without

When yet,

We know Him. We have seen Him.

How can we keep on living


Content to be so empty?


Its time to wake up

Its time to turn the page

Its time to reignite the fires

And fall on our knees until He does


Rekindle those ancient flames in us

And bring us back, again to that place

Of desperation, of need

Of longing for Him to come and move again


That we might join His heart

And follow in His will

To do, as He desires

Soldiers for a greater cause


For Him, for Him

For Him who is so beautiful

So terrifying

So holy, so magnificent


For Him we cannot live without

Let us return to Him again

Imagine, just imagine what could change

If we needed Him again


If we cried out for Him once more

Over our schools, our jobs

Our families, our homes

Even over our own broken, empty hearts


Imagine, just imagine

Imagine what could change

If we cared, if we bled for the lost

And wept with His heart, and joined with Him


Imagine, just imagine

Now go and get that fire

Cry out until you find Him

Scream until He comes again


Until your heart beats again

Until your school comes to know Him

Until your coworkers see His face

Until our city knows the name of Jesus


Let it start with us

Let us not rest until we find Him

And once we do, may we not be content to sit unmoved

But be stirred, be hungry again


To find Him, and not rest until we do!

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