I Marvel At You, Marvelous You

Taken breathless for a moment

Held in, strong arms

I am captivated by you

I am in awe of your love


Here, in the quiet place

Where you speak to me again

From your word, in each breath

Of my own, shaking heart


Where you have made your home


I marvel at the thought of it

That you would make me your home,

But now I can’t help but rejoice

That I am never alone


For in thick or thin, you remain

Faithful to the end

In sin, you convict and

Beckon me back to you


There at the cross, where I

Am found in you

Made new, and clean by your holy blood

By the marvel of you


And so here, once more I find

You to be more than enough

Sufficient even to carry me and

Even all my shame


For as you carry me, I find

I am lighter than I’ve ever known

For as you lift me up, chains fall down

Broken at your name


And I marvel once again


For such power is in that name

Such grace in your love

Such terrifying majesty, at your face

As angels fall down, crying


Holy, holy

For all eternity

I can only ever hope to join

In that chorus, one day


And marvel at you,

At the beauty of you

Of your nature, of all you are

For all eternity

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