The Serenades, Part One

A woman in Paris, or somewhere similar,

Perhaps London, in another time

Was came upon by two suitors

The latter less fair in appearance, she chose the former

In favor of his beauty

Neglecting to see the heart behind the smile

The lie hidden in the promise

To have and to hold

Truly, till death would they part

While the latter suitor

Whose voice was gentle and kind

His appearance humble, shrouded his true handsomeness like a cloak

Save to those who took the time to see

The beauty that lay beneath

For this man was no suitor

Indeed, he was a king

Despised and rejected by many, but nonetheless in pursuit

Of a bride

To be his own, and he be hers

But he was rejected

In favor of a liar

With fine face and empty promises

While he, the humbler man, whose promises were true

Was cast out into the street

Left forever searching

For a bride

Who would open the door to him, and hear his song

Not for his wealth, but for his heart

His character

And the beauty that lay within

But was often missed

In favor of another suitor

Who always seemed fairer but in truth

Depraved, while the king

The one fairer than the sons of men

Was left wandering the streets

While his bride was happily serenaded by

A liar with a finer face

And a vow to bind her till death

But the latter suitor, the king

Did not rest there

He did not take his denial as gospel, for he knew

The potency of the lies

Of the wicked man deceiving his bride

But what could he do?

She sold herself to him

And now they lay together, in bond

Till death would they part

Till death

The words rang out like a dreary bell

A funeral bell

Trolling out in the fog of night

This could not be

The latter suitor, the king

Would end this vow forever

To free his bride from the liar, death

And make her once his own

But how?

Death cannot be cheated

His vows not broken by mortal man

But the king was no mortal

He was not a subject of death

If his bride was a slave to death

Then he would pay her price

But death’s price is high

He deals only in lives

But the king had one to give

The latter suitor, the king

Knew what he had to do

He marched right to death’s door, and demanded

With all kingly authority

To speak with the master of the house

So death came

And spake with the king

What would have taken hours, or years for man to say

Was said in but a word

What mortals could not accomplish in an eternity, was done in a night

It was settled

The debt was paid

Death was satisfied

The sought bride was free of her vow

And the king was dead

Death laughed something bitter, the former suitor

Happy, fair in appearance, but wicked

A liar, content to lie and deceive

Who took pleasure in doing so

Had been given his grandest prize

The thing he long desired

The only life he could not take

Had now been given to him

For he had mortal souls aplenty

The lives of men, he had enough

But the life of the king, the immortal ruler of the cosmos


He could never dream of taking his life

Until now

When it was handed to him on a platter

And now, to his delight

The king was dead

To his happy, sure delight

The king was dead

And while all of heaven wept

Death laughed

And laughed

And laughed

The king was dead


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