The Serenades, Part Three

But then there was

A shaking in the ground

It knocked death off his laughing chair

And shook the woman to her core

All the earth fell silent

While heaven erupted into song

Hell screamed, and wept in fear

While death’s eyes grew wide

He saw a lone figure, walking

Down the misty road, just after dawn

He came to his door, and with a simple knock

Asked to speak with death

So death opened the door

To his eternal agony, he rent

His fine black suit and fell back screaming

As Life itself came walking

Into death’s rooms

“No, stay back!”

He screamed, but Life would not

He stepped closer, stronger

Each step a stab to death’s heart

“Please!” He cried, trembling

As life stopped short of the little man

Once big, and powerful

Now reduced to a trembling, whimpering mess in a robe

Strewn across his own chair, weeping in his den

“What do you want with me?”

Death asked

Shaking in his seat

“The key.” The figure spoke, called Life

As he held out his open hand

Death shied back, hating to lose his power

After all, his key unlocked the cages, the chains

All of humanity could run free!

Imagine a world not bound by death, he couldn’t

Death could never die

Or could he?

It seemed he met his match

The day that Life came knocking

And held out his hand, and took the key

He left death trembling, pleading for mercy for his own soul

As he was robbed of his power, his dignity

And his home, in the city

Of men

Cursed to live forever, underground, as one dead

For indeed, death was dead

And the king was alive

I heard the people singing

As women danced in the streets

Among them, one called Bride

Unsure of what to say

I am assured, however

She could say nothing when she met his gaze

When the king, called Life, found her wandering the streets

And offered her his hand

It is said they went off walking

Back towards the king’s towers

She, leaning on his arm

And he, serenading

Her with a song

About a man called King, who loved his Bride

Enough to give himself for her

About the day, when death died

And Life came back out of the grave

When all of heaven shouted

Out in victorious cry

The praises, of the one called King

Who loved his Bride

And conquered death

Who lives, now forever

And whose name is Life

But some, know him by another name

I heard it whispered in the streets

By followers, most marveled

And joyous at his rising

And later, shouted by the magistrates

As they heard the news of his empty grave

And even later, by the devil himself

As he bowed,

To the man called Life, with his Bride on his arm

As he led her out of death

And into his light

I hear, he is called by another name

A name so high, so lovely

Many who know it weep at its speaking

While others spit, or tremble at the sound

I myself, am quite in awe of its mention

For he saved me, led me out from death

And called me as his Bride

And by his grace, made me his own

And let me call him by another name


A mercy just to speak it


I will forever sing it


I will forever be, in wonder by it


A name unlike any other


He has done it


Death has no hold forever


He reigns on high, forever


And indeed, all the earth will bow

At the mention,

At the mention of that name

Of Jesus


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