The Serenades, Part Two

Now the bride, what became of her?

Surely she was confused by the night’s events, after all

She was wed to death, bound for eternity

And now

Well, now she wasn’t sure

She thought she heard the toll

Of funeral bells

Followed by the parade of the weeping

And the laughing

As voices from all over, rang

The king was dead

Then she heard death laugh

He came behind her, quite enamored

And took her by the hair

“Well now, you are free-

Leave me to my keep, so long

May your life be worth the price he paid.

But I think it was a waste, my dear

For you are still mine in the end

And hardly worth the trouble.

After all, you are a betrayer, as I

Leaving your first love

For me, for a lie

And now it seems

Your true love is dead.

A funny thing, really

A life for a life

But yours hardly tipped the scales, dear

You are one of many.

While he was completely unique, perfect even

Unlike all of heaven, earth or hell.

Yet now he’s dead, like a man

I find it rather humorous.

And you, my dear, are free.

A cruel irony, the criminal

Purchased by the innocent.

No matter now, go now

And know you are free

But paid for, by a high price

A waste, I think, what a waste.”

He laughed again, and turned her out

Leaving her in the cold to wonder

What price was paid to see her free

Whose life was lost for hers?

The king is dead

The bells tolled

The king is dead

All of heaven rolled

The earth laughed, and wept, and spat

All over the death of the king

But why did he die?

No one was quite sure

But the bride woman, she knew

She was told it was her price

Why, she did not know

But she knew it was a high price

And she, well, she was unworthy of it

A mortal, for the highest king?

It was preposterous

No matter now, deed was done

His body cold in the grave

After all,

The king was dead

There was nothing else to say

So she went on her way, the bride

Unsure of what to make

Of the man, she hardly knew

The lover, she left for another

And now

Was dead, for her it seemed

A heavy, heavy price

But why?

It hardly seemed to matter now

The king was dead

And the bride was left alive


It hardly seemed to matter now

The king was dead

And she was left alive


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