Stars and Galaxies

When one looks, into the night

And sees the star above

One sees, the one star

Shining brightly through the dark


Shining, its light to earth

To the world, and people below

Telling, of the goodness and fire of

The One who set it aflame


When one looks, into the night and

Sees, galaxies

And stars beyond count, wonders without measure

Shining brightly through the dark


Shining, its light to earth

To the world, and people below

Telling, of the goodness and fire of

The One who set them aflame


The night sings a song, each star

A melody its own

But when one listens, to the chorus of the universe

One hears


Glory, of another

Beauty, of another name

Fire, of a holy God

The One who hung each star and


Still loves us the same


Who set, galaxies in motion

And holds the world together

Who by His hands, keeps the universe together

And our lives the same


How good, how great He is

This mighty One, of Israel

He, who holds it all together

Who holds our hearts, and


Galaxies the same!


Generation after generation
Hour, after hour
Days go by and no one cares
No one bleeds, or weeps, or cares to see
The world which lay around them

Too happy, to go on
In little world, they’ve always known
Too content to make a change to anything
That requires more from them than
A nod or simple like

How far have we fallen, these
Who once proclaimed, the world to be
As it was, and walked in power
Till world itself was changed and
Made new by the One within them

Too long have we been content without
The living, breathing God in us
Too long have we left Him under steeple and
Preferred He stay that way
Lest we be uncomfortable, or even

Shaken from our little worlds and
Made awake to see
This world we have made
By our indifference, by our uncaring and
By our refusal to make a change

In our own hearts, and minds
By our refusing to submit to Him
To Him who hung the stars, have we
Found out nation, once great, in shambles
Our youth dying without cause

Our children murdered, with our approval and
The homeless starving to be seen, and heard
Yet ignored as we pass them by
Too busy, too busy to care
Or do something to save them

Too happy, in our ignorance
Too calm in our willingness
To disbelieve anything
We do not like or need
Too tired, to wake up and see

This world that we have made

But most of all, I think we have
Neglected, this Holy Savior
This One who brought us back to life and
Ransomed us, back to Him and
Made us born anew, in His blood

That made us His own

We have, forgotten Him
Quite happily, that we could sleep
However we wished, so carelessly
In whatever world we choose to believe
That we may not hear His voice

That we could go on sleeping
Forever deaf, to the cries of those
In need, and dying for a Savior
Forever content, in our little pews
Bored by religious speeches, and happy tunes

No longer awed by the Savior King
No longer broken at His feet
No longer caring, to see His face
No longer calling, on His name
How long, how long dear church

Will you go on this way?

The nation, is falling
Your children, are dying
Just for a night of happiness
Away from griefs so easily brought
By world, they don’t know how to forget

By sins they know not how to escape

When you, oh church do know
What can save these desperate ones
You’ve spoken it from the beginning
No matter how you drone now, you once knew
The fire of the Holy Spirit who

Has left you, by your choosing
To find those that want Him there
Yet you sit unmoved
You do not care
How long, will you slumber?

I say to you, no more today
No more tomorrow if you go on
A day is coming, surely, it is here
When happy speeches and silent songs will be
No more to keep you afloat

We are in a day and age when
The mundane, the traditional
Is no longer enough
Religion, speeches
Songs of smiles and of lies no more

Can keep you from this fall

You must, rise up
And be as you were called to be
Not content, in lack of Him
Not filled, by worldly pleasures and
Not happily desolate of life and truth

The day has come to need Him again

You must find Him, as your greatest need
And seek Him, as your every breath
Oh church, wake up!
You cannot afford to sleep any longer!
Your King is waiting, your King is asking

For you to give up, your fleshy pursuits
To give up, your other lovers and
Return to Him once more
No other thing, will see you saved
No other One but Him

The time of ignorance, of uncaring
The time of slumber, it is done
Wake and see your Glorious King and
Repent to Him instead
Run to Him, who alone can save

And be as you, dear church, were made to be
The bride of Christ Himself
No longer a pawn of world or men
No longer born of money or of pride
But His. But His alone.

Dear church, the time has come
Return to Him again
Come back to Him, your first Love
There is no time to waste
Heaven can wait no longer

He is calling, He is asking
For His bride to return to Him
Will you sit, unmoved once more
Or come to Him instead?
The choice is yours, but know I beg

The Savior calls to you
Do not keep Him waiting, any longer
Do not break His heart, any more
The time is now, return to Him
There is no other way

No other, but this Jesus
None but Jesus Christ alone
We need Him again~

They Cannot Have Me

The cannot have Me who
Deny Me with their lives
Who live as if, I had never died
They who do not want Me

They cannot have Me who
Ask for blessing and
For prosperity
Yet choose to look away, from those around them who

Are without and hurting too

They cannot have Me who, very simply
Do not want Me.
They who deny My Presence and
Do not allow Me in My own house

And the truth is, it is not they can’t have Me, but
That they won’t have Me
That they refuse, to bow in heart and
Submit to what I ask

That they, refuse to obey and
Instead use My Holy Name
For profit, to gain power
To be famous and

To entertain the masses

How it breaks My heart, to see them so
They who do not want Me
They want the blessing and the honor of
Speaking of Me before men

Yet they leave Me at the doorstep and
Proclaim a message I never said
And glorify, not I
But pleasure, wealth, and self

How it makes Me burn, in Spirit and in holy anger
To see My House, My Father’s house
Made, not a House of God but
A den of theives, of men who seek

Only to serve themselves
And fill their own pockets!
How it yearns within Me, for those who do not want me, yet
Propagate religious duties and

Practices done in flesh and religious spirit

Yet when I, in fire come
They do not want it
They’d rather have the dead, repetitive
Dead religions

Of their fathers, that left them destitute
And in torment for all eternity!

How it breaks My heart, to see so many
Rush after whims of men, spoken as Gospel and
So too bind their souls to death, under flag
Of men behind pulpits and

Those who speak to crowds on television and church pews!

My people, where are you? Where have you gone?

My priesthood, My vessels, My loyal ones
Have they gone, have they forgotten I
I who called them to life and
I who crafted and ordained the church

And am coming as the bridegroom for this bride?

Where is the church? Where are My people
Where is My bride, does she sleep?
Awake, awake! Sons of men
Born again in My life!

Return to Me, back to your first Love
Back to I, who gave you life and
Have ordered you from beginning and
Called you to seek My face!

For perhaps this generation has
Forgotten prayer and
Seeking of My face, in Word and on knees and
Instead fallen to whims and lies, of better men

Men better suited to proclaim comfort and prosperity!

Oh dear church, awaken swiftly!
For I am coming once again!
And I cannot, take a bride
Asleep in sin and contentment

When world around, when fires within the hearts of your people
Burn no longer for Me, but sleep instead
In comfortable ignorance, and complacency
Who do not want Me to stir them!

Awake, awake! Oh My children!
You who I have called to be My own
Those who I once knew, who have run
So far from Me and My precepts!

Return instead, to I alone
Who can save you from yourselves and
Make you My own once more, I alone
Who call you out of death into life!

That you may show the world, glory of
I above, who sent you to, proclaim My love
To share My light with all the earth
And make disciples for My name!

Have you forgotten, all I am?
Am I not greater than your futile desires and
Desire for satisfaction, too often filled
In vain, with greater emptiness

With empty pleasures of the world!

Have I changed, at all, dear people?
Have I become less good, or less holy
Have I forgotten you on earth?
Certainly not!

I am, still alive and living
Just as I was yesterday and
Back to the beginning, and so shall I be
Greater past eternity!

Have I forgotten you, My people called
To purpose in My name?
Certainly not!
Yet why have you lived, as if

I have forsaken you, or released you from
The call to holiness, of blamelessness
To Me and My Name
Of absolute surrender to My cause?

So why, if I have not changed
Nor faded in holiness, or goodness
Why have you fallen away
And abandoned Me for world and self?

Have I not proven Myself, to be
Good in all I do, and
Holy for all eternity?
Have I not, made myself known to you

By My Son on the cross, who died
To bring you home to Me?
Have I not, raised Him up again
In glory, forevermore

Is He, am I, not worthy still of praise
For now and forevermore?

Wake up! Wake up!
Find Me, the God who saves
Before it is too late!
For in the hour of darkness,

Empty promises, and good deeds
Will not save you from what comes
Only I, and I alone
Your Rock and Firm Foundation can

Keep you in those days, and be with you
Constant in the trials and the testing!
For there is none, there is no other
There is none but I, the God in Heaven

I am the only One

So run to Me, the God who saves
Come back to Me, and be once more
Not your own, our reviling in sin but
Mine. And Mine alone.

Set apart for My cause
Wholly surrendered to My will.

So do not fear, in all of this
Do not think, that there is not hope
For church and nation around
For I am God. And I am on the move.

And I will do, what I have set out to do
And I will finish what I started, in nation and in heart
And I will do, as I desire
And I will save those who cleave to Me

Who cry out to Me, in mind and body and
Give themselves to Me
Who surrender, everything
To see My glory come

And change the world around them and
Allow Me, to be, to work
As only I can do
To shake, to break, to move and heal

The hearts of men who do not know Me!

So do not fear, all is not lost
My church is not forgotten
Simply return, simply surrender and
Once again call on I, who alone can save

Cry out to Me, to heal your land
Speak My name, and be expectant
To see my glory come
And touch the lives and hearts, of men around and

To change you, you who seek me
And make you new, fully renewed
In Me, by My blood
That you may declare My goodness and My power in

This dying age and
See them saved, see them live, and be brought Home
To Me, to I alone who calls them
And bids My people to wake up!

So trust in Me, and kneel in heart and body and
Cry out to Me, and seek My will
And seek My holy face as necessity
And I will come, and heal your land

I will do, as only I can do
And bring the lost home to Me,
And heal the broken hearted and
Save this generation!

For without Me, there is no hope
Without My Presence, there is nothing
But fear not, I am here and
I am moving once again!

So trust. Trust in Me.
And call on Me who saves
And find Me in, that secret place
And speak My Holy Name

And I will come, and heal your sin
And show you My will and heart
If you surrender and, give Me your all
I will surely, do a new thing in you

And I will save this generation!

So trust in Me, and run to I
The I Am, the Alpha and Omega
And I will, be with you and
Use you again

And I will come, and visit your churches and
Breathe upon your homes
And I will, once again in glory come
If you repent, and call on Me

The True and Living God
The Rock of Ages, the Holy One
The only One who saves
He who is, never ending, never failing

I who am the I AM
I who know no end!