With each wave
And every crashing, of the sea
Against the wall, the fortress
Of You, I find
You to be

More than enough for me

Faithful, and true
Steadfast, in the rain and
Good, forevermore
Even in the trials and
Even in the waves

Still You remain

No matter storms, that loom ahead
No matter waves, that crash around
Still, You remain the same
Faithful, through all days
My Shelter, my Hiding Place

My only One, my only Hope
My God I cling to You!
You, who have never failed me and
You, who never will

I trust, in Your great name alone, I
I cling to You alone!


It is here, that I find
Here in Your arms alone
All I’ve ever wanted and
All I’ve ever needed

For You, and You alone
My God You are enough for me
In You, no thing I lack
In You I find my everything, my every need

My God in You I have enough
My God You are enough for me

For in hour, of darkest need You
Still You remain
And in days, of routine and pain You still
You still are there besides me

And when I fall, and run away
Still You are there for me
To come in repentance and
Find in You again

My all, my everything
Everything I could ever need
In You, in You my God
My God You are my everything

You are more than enough for me

And more than this, I know
You are faithful through the ages
And so much more, than any man could ever know
You are High above the earth and Heaven, reigning

In holiness and justice forever
The only, uncreated God
The only God in Heaven
The only One, who hears us and

The only One we can hold on to
Our God, the only God
The only One who is enough
He alone who has no equal

He who has no compare

My God, God You are
You are more than enough
You are more than enough for me~

My Peace

Standing at the edge
Of an endless precipice
Greater than I
A hundred times over

Stronger than I could ever, ever hope to be

I look into its boundless waters as
It’s winds rage around me
How can I, hope to stand
Is there any hope for me

To weather such a storm?

For I am helpless, against this onslaught of
Nature and of storm
For it is much greater than I
Greater than anything I have ever faced

How can I hope to stand?

And yet as I stand, trembling in fear
Before this grand display of my insignificance
I realize that, very simply
I am not alone

For by me sits, a Light, a Power
Greater than anything I’ve ever known

And in Its eyes I see, the power and the violence of
A love and a justice that rages
Greater than any earthly storm
That burns through the heavens and the earth

I realize that, this Thing is
Something greater than, I could ever understand

And here it is next to me
As I sit trembling

How could I, be afraid, of storm that is
Miniscule in comparison to
This Light that is next to me?

So whatever storm rages
Whatever hurricane may bring
I choose to trust, this God who is

Next to me, who will not fail
He who will not leave me alone
To battle such a storm

So I can rest, as winds rage
And rain pounds on every side
For my God is with me, yes

I am not alone

So whatever storm may bring
Whatever happens next
Even if it rages all around me and

Tears my home to pieces, I
Know that my God, He is faithful
This Lover, He is true

And He has not failed me, no
He has not failed me yet!

So I choose, to trust in Him
As waters rise around me
For He is good, yes my God is faithful

Even in the storms!