Hope for the Dawn

Hope for the dawn, comes

Blazing through the night

From fires high, and far away

Whose light is closer than a breath


Always constant, never failing

His love is like the starlight

His mercies, renewed every morning and

New as the dawn


Whose faithfulness, is without equal

Through night or any storm

Whose loving kindness, never changes

Whose mercy has no end


So I will hang on, until the dawn

Trusting in Your name alone

For You alone, can bring me through

My Refuge, my strong Tower


My God I’ll cling to You

Even till the dawn

Be with me, Lord keep me

Keep me here with You


Keep me, till the dawn

My God, on You I wait


With each wave
And every crashing, of the sea
Against the wall, the fortress
Of You, I find
You to be

More than enough for me

Faithful, and true
Steadfast, in the rain and
Good, forevermore
Even in the trials and
Even in the waves

Still You remain

No matter storms, that loom ahead
No matter waves, that crash around
Still, You remain the same
Faithful, through all days
My Shelter, my Hiding Place

My only One, my only Hope
My God I cling to You!
You, who have never failed me and
You, who never will

I trust, in Your great name alone, I
I cling to You alone!

Carry My Song

Carry My song with you
In darkest days, and sorrow filled hours too
May it be as a beacon, as a shining light
Of praise in the darkest places

A song to worship Me
A song of praise to glorify My name
Carry it with you, in the darkest, burn it brightly
A song of praise to My name

For in those hours, of greatest darkness is
A Hope, a present Help
The Lord is My name

And I will never leave you, no
I will not forsake You
Even in the darkest places
Still I go with you

So trust in Me, even in the shadows
Run to Me, in each and every day
Call on Me, and I will answer you
Oh praise My name, all the earth

Oh glorify My name children of Zion
Oh praise Me across the earth
Declare My wonders and My goodness
Declare My everlasting love

In song and deed, may you proclaim
Me, and My glory
On earth, forevermore
May you be, but a testimony

Of My great love and mercy
For I have loved you with
An everlasting love
And I have never failed you

So trust.
Trust in Me
The God who never fails
Bring My song, declare My praises

Across the earth, glorify My name
I the God, who never fails
I, the everlasting One
Praise Me, praise Me, I alone

I the God who is so good
I who am so good to you!

In His Arms

Oh do not fret, oh men of earth
Oh families of fallen ones
For the God who gave this precious gift
Now holds them in His loving arms

Do not fear, for what may come
Nor dread memories of past
For the same God who holds tomorrow too
Is Lord over the past

And He brings healing, in His wings
And comforts the afflicted ones
He is near to the brokem hearted and
Constant forever throughout the ages

So do not fear, for ones lost
For those no longer with you now
For they are in, the arms of Jesus
Safe with Him in eternal shores

Till that day, when sky splits
And dead will be raised
And all the earth, will bow the knee
And praise the Savior King

Then, on that day
When eternity begins its song
You will see, child again
Held safely in His arms

In the arms of Jesus

So now rest, and know that He
Too holds you in these hours of
Greatest need and pain
And know that just, as one lost is safe with Him

So are you, dear child of God
You are safe inside His arms
He is near to you, even now
And He is with you, in the pain

Your peace, your refuge in the trials and
Your comfort in the darkness
For you are safe, in His arms
You are safe in the arms of Jesus

And He will never leave you, and our God
He can be trusted
So rest, and grieve within His arms
For you are held safe within His wings

You are safe in the arms of Jesus~


It is here, that I find
Here in Your arms alone
All I’ve ever wanted and
All I’ve ever needed

For You, and You alone
My God You are enough for me
In You, no thing I lack
In You I find my everything, my every need

My God in You I have enough
My God You are enough for me

For in hour, of darkest need You
Still You remain
And in days, of routine and pain You still
You still are there besides me

And when I fall, and run away
Still You are there for me
To come in repentance and
Find in You again

My all, my everything
Everything I could ever need
In You, in You my God
My God You are my everything

You are more than enough for me

And more than this, I know
You are faithful through the ages
And so much more, than any man could ever know
You are High above the earth and Heaven, reigning

In holiness and justice forever
The only, uncreated God
The only God in Heaven
The only One, who hears us and

The only One we can hold on to
Our God, the only God
The only One who is enough
He alone who has no equal

He who has no compare

My God, God You are
You are more than enough
You are more than enough for me~


As I open Word laid before me
By Your merciful and loving hands, I find
Words from You, speaking to me
Telling me the things I have never known and yet

Have longer for in my heart

For in my longing after You, I find
My soul to grow weary of this world, and I
Who am never satisfied, who often fails
I who know not what I seek, and yet

My heart still pursues

For this desire, is not my own
It is given of Your glory
For all I am, is fallen and lost
Without You, I am nothing, and yet

Still You have loved me so

And so when I open Word
From Heaven given, from Yourself
I hear not dead words of religion,
Nor weary pages of legalism but

The only thing, the only Voice

My heart truly needs
For in those pages, I do find
Or rather, I am found
By You, by You

I am met by You in Word

And I am filled, to the full
Running over with Your love
Overcome, made pure by blood
Of precious, Holy Son

And yet satisfied, within Your presence as
I happily fall apart in Your glory and
Find myself undone in Your beauty
Overwhelmed Your goodness

Overwhelmed by all You are

For in those pages, You speak
Yourself from Heaven, words of Life
Breathing into these dead bones
Reviving me from self wrought death and sin

Cleansing me by Your own blood, that I
That I could never deserve
And yet You still give freely, as I
Come and acknowledge what You did for me

On Calvary, on earthly tree
Where You paid the price for me, and died
Where You died to make me free
That I could live, forever in eternity

With You, my God, who love me so
With You I don’t deserve, and yet
Who paid the price for me
With You, who I hear now

In these whispers in Your Word
As Your Word speaks to me
Lo, I am undone
My God, You are so good

My God, You are faithful and
Constant through the ages, and remain
Forever to be found
In Holy Word, so long as time and Your will allows
You speak, from Word Your life

From the Living pages of Your Scriptures You
You find me where I am
And whisper, perfectly
To I who am unworthy

Your Word, Your Word
Your Word is enough
You are enough for me
Forever, for all eternity

My God You are more than enough
You are more than enough for me~

The Night is Never Without Light

Though days may come and go

And world around turns dark and weary

And sun sets, and falls away

Leaving world to bitter night


Wrapped in darkness as a cloak


Though storm may come and go

And winds may shake and stir foundations laid

Years ago on shattered stone

Was thought strong, now cracking under weight


As life threatens to fall apart


Still, there is

In chaos and in blackest night

Hope, hope

There is hope through the darkness


There is light in the blackest night


For though, we are

Left alone by all around and

Left in cold and darkness to wonder if

We will make it to the dawn


Still, there is

A gracious God in Heaven who

In His mercy, in His goodness will

Never leave us alone


Who, while storms rage about

And winds whip around our falling homes

And all seems lost without hope

Bound to change and leave us broken


Still, remains

This God so inconceivable

This Maker, so incomprehensible

This Savior, so loving


This God, so constant

He is forever with us through the night

Our star, guiding us home

Beckoning us to Himself


So high above the Heavens, and yet

Right beside us in our darkness

Always constant, never failing

Our Light with us in the night


Our God who never fails~




Kissed in the Dark

As I lay in mournful silence I
Ponder of the day gone by
And can’t help but feel, melodies
Racing in my heart

Songs of what I could have done
Songs of things I did wrong
All telling me, I am not enough
All telling me I can do no right

Yet suddenly, as silence thickens I
Feel a touch, a faint kiss
From Heaven all around me as
World around melts away

And I am surrounded by Him

Suddenly, I find
I am not alone
And day gone by, in all its worries and regrets
Melts away to nothingness

As I am kissed by His Presence in the dark

What are regrets in light of Him
What are insecurities in His gaze
All I am, laid bare and yet
I feel more alive than I’ve ever been

Here inside His arms

As peace comes rushing in
Like wave of Holy surrender as
All my worries, all my thoughts of self hatred become
Nothing as His love washes over me

As rain washes world with green

I am made anew, in His blood
Made His creation, reminded of the price
Of the price He paid for me
By His own blood, by His own Son

A pure and Spotless gift

And so I know, with unshaking, confidence that I
That I am not enough, and that’s ok
I was never meant to fight alone
For He alone, is enough

And He is my Redeemer and King

And so, He can be trusted
This unfailing God
Him who holds all my days, in His hands
And loves me just the same

And so I rest, in His arms
As repentance falls in tears from my eyes
As love wraps around me, wiping the wetness from my face
And covering me in Holy blood

As my Savior, the faithful God
Reminds me that though I am not enough
To face the world alone
That He, that He is enough for me

And only He can satisfy
He who kissed me in the dark~

I Do Not Believe It

I do not believe it that

You would come, and die for me

The rejected of the earth


I do not believe it, that

Still, after all these years of hardship and rebellion You

Still remain here by my side


I do not believe it that

You would come, and give Yourself

That You would give Your Son for me


Who am I, who am I to deserve

Such love, such mercy from

You the unfailing God


For in Your eyes, truly I

Am nothing without You

Truly I, am lost without


Your unending grace


So how could I, ever hope

To believe such a thing

That You, the uncreated God


Have loved me as You have


That You have done, so much for me

That You order all creation, and yet

Choose to look at me


I will not believe it!


Yet, it is You

My God unfailing that

Pushes me, and calls me to


Believe in such a gift


It is You, and You alone that

Calls me to trust in You, and in that trusting come

To revelation of Your love, that I may see


The reality, the beauty of

You, my God, who has no equal

You who have loved me so


I am lost for words!


So help me God, to believe it so

Help me to trust in You

And in that trusting, find You as


You truly are


Benevolent, merciful

Loving and forever true

Always constant, never failing


My God who has no equal!


Yet the mystery, still remains

That You would come for me

For it was I, who trespassed You


I who failed and denied Your name


Yet it was You who came

It was You who took my place, and died upon

Tree called Calvary


And You took it all, You bore my shame

You freed me from my sins

You took Your own wrath, that I may be


Free and redeemed by Your blood

Pure and holy by the name, by that beautiful name

The name of Jesus Christ


The mystery Himself


And I choose to believe it!

For You have proved Yourself, merciful and true

In every day, in every pain


You keep drawing me to You


So I choose, this day to trust

In You the never ending God

To love, to hope, in You alone


My God who never fails

My God who has no equal, I

I believe that You


Are good, and true, and trustworthy

For now and all days

For have paid it all, yes You have paid the price for me


To be Your own child, chosen by

You my God in Heaven!

For that is mystery, that we


Did not choose You


But rather that You, oh merciful God

In Your goodness and Your love

Chose to save us from Your wrath, by Your own blood


Yes, You gave Your Son for us

You the uncreated God, the beautiful Mystery

Help us to believe in You, and Your goodness that
We may declare it before all men


That we, may be

As lights here on this earth

Reflecting You, and Your goodness


Here upon the earth


So help us to, trust in You

And continually believe

That You are, exactly as You say You are


The God who never fails

The God who chose us first, and He who died

And rose again to save us from


Ourselves and our sin
To make us Your own, to make us free

Able to fellowship with You,

You the uncreated God
We believe in You

We call on You this day!


For we are, in desperate need

We are yearning for You again

Come and heal, come restore our lands


Have mercy on our sinful borders and

Bring us back to You!

For we are nothing, without You


We need You in this place


So come, and move in us again

Come and change us with reality, with fire of

Your Love and holy name


Come and make us, Yours alone

Help us to believe

That You are, as You say You are
And that You can be trusted, You who are

You who are the unfailing God

Our God who has no equal
The God who has no end!

Letting Go

In the middle of a crazy day
Surrounded by the world and
Encompassed by wild thoughts
Begging me to fall

I find myself listening to
A peculiar, melody
A song of hope, a song of praise
To get me through the day

I stop and listen for a moment
Intrigued by the beauty of
Such simple worlds, and simple music that
Hearkens me to stop and listen

To cease believing the lies around me

For in this song, there sings a hope
A voice, familiar yet too often
Forgotten in the chaos
A Voice, of love and of mercy

That tells me I am enough
I am enough in Him!

That all I am, though very little
In His hands, is more than enough, for He has made me beautiful,
And He has loved me so
And given me, so much

I am eternally grateful!

So it is in these times of desperation
In these hours of chaos and of lies
I choose to remember, yes, I choose to believe

Not the lies, or the voices all around me
Or that of my own mind

But I choose, instead to believe
Only one report

I will hear, only One
Only that Voice of Hope
Only the God of truth
For He is good, and He can be trusted

So I will believe, I will trust
I will hope in Him, and believe, no other
I will believe no lie
But I will trust, in Him alone

In Him who is the God of truth
No matter what may come!

For He is good, and He is trustworthy
And He is true, in all He does
Perfect, not lacking
And He does all things well

So I will trust, yes, I will believe
Him, this God,
Who crafted stars, and galaxies
And knows them all by name

As much as He knows me, in all my faults
As much as He knows my heart
And He made me, as He made them
To show His glory on the earth

To shine, and be His alone
To have fellowship with Him
This God who is so good,
This God who knows me best

I choose to trust in Him
I choose to believe His word
And I will hear, I will believe
No other voice

My God I give myself to You
I let go and place my life, my soul
My body into
Your loving hands oh God

My God, here I am
I am Yours and Yours alone
All I am is Yours, use me as
You see fit

For I choose, yes, today, I declare
I will believe no other
I will trust no other
Only You, only You

My God I give myself to You!