Kissed in the Dark

As I lay in mournful silence I
Ponder of the day gone by
And can’t help but feel, melodies
Racing in my heart

Songs of what I could have done
Songs of things I did wrong
All telling me, I am not enough
All telling me I can do no right

Yet suddenly, as silence thickens I
Feel a touch, a faint kiss
From Heaven all around me as
World around melts away

And I am surrounded by Him

Suddenly, I find
I am not alone
And day gone by, in all its worries and regrets
Melts away to nothingness

As I am kissed by His Presence in the dark

What are regrets in light of Him
What are insecurities in His gaze
All I am, laid bare and yet
I feel more alive than I’ve ever been

Here inside His arms

As peace comes rushing in
Like wave of Holy surrender as
All my worries, all my thoughts of self hatred become
Nothing as His love washes over me

As rain washes world with green

I am made anew, in His blood
Made His creation, reminded of the price
Of the price He paid for me
By His own blood, by His own Son

A pure and Spotless gift

And so I know, with unshaking, confidence that I
That I am not enough, and that’s ok
I was never meant to fight alone
For He alone, is enough

And He is my Redeemer and King

And so, He can be trusted
This unfailing God
Him who holds all my days, in His hands
And loves me just the same

And so I rest, in His arms
As repentance falls in tears from my eyes
As love wraps around me, wiping the wetness from my face
And covering me in Holy blood

As my Savior, the faithful God
Reminds me that though I am not enough
To face the world alone
That He, that He is enough for me

And only He can satisfy
He who kissed me in the dark~

The Sun Will Shine Again

As promised on that morning when
We opened eyes to see
Darkness gave to morning sun
And storm was blown away

All around was bathed in color
The air was filled with green
Hues of life, reminding us
The sun had shone again

For in that darkest night
When wind was, howling
We feared that day may never come
Nor winter ever turn to spring

But as we huddled under roof and
Heard the wind scream it’s wrath
We heard a quiet voice, do whisper
“The Sun will shine again.”

For that voice, He is faithful
Our Lord, He is good
And He can be trusted, yes,
Even in the darkest storms

For He has used this one, deemed unsurvivable
To cover land with glory of
His own beloved Son

That through the chaos He,
Might usher men back to Him
And turn their hearts, towards Him
To call on Him again

For what is storm, in His sight
What is death and fear against the Almighty
For He is, the faithful God
No matter what storms may bring

And now as we, sit in wind
Of storm now blown away
We can know that, whatever comes next
Our God will be with us and

He will bid the sun to shine again!

My Peace

Standing at the edge
Of an endless precipice
Greater than I
A hundred times over

Stronger than I could ever, ever hope to be

I look into its boundless waters as
It’s winds rage around me
How can I, hope to stand
Is there any hope for me

To weather such a storm?

For I am helpless, against this onslaught of
Nature and of storm
For it is much greater than I
Greater than anything I have ever faced

How can I hope to stand?

And yet as I stand, trembling in fear
Before this grand display of my insignificance
I realize that, very simply
I am not alone

For by me sits, a Light, a Power
Greater than anything I’ve ever known

And in Its eyes I see, the power and the violence of
A love and a justice that rages
Greater than any earthly storm
That burns through the heavens and the earth

I realize that, this Thing is
Something greater than, I could ever understand

And here it is next to me
As I sit trembling

How could I, be afraid, of storm that is
Miniscule in comparison to
This Light that is next to me?

So whatever storm rages
Whatever hurricane may bring
I choose to trust, this God who is

Next to me, who will not fail
He who will not leave me alone
To battle such a storm

So I can rest, as winds rage
And rain pounds on every side
For my God is with me, yes

I am not alone

So whatever storm may bring
Whatever happens next
Even if it rages all around me and

Tears my home to pieces, I
Know that my God, He is faithful
This Lover, He is true

And He has not failed me, no
He has not failed me yet!

So I choose, to trust in Him
As waters rise around me
For He is good, yes my God is faithful

Even in the storms!

Peace in the Storms

In every storm, in every struggle, there is
A constant, above it all
Always present, never failing

The presence of our God
Him who is unfailing
He is our peace, He is our hope

And He is with us in the storms

So no matter what may come
No matter seas that rage
No matter storms or troubles by

Or any war or trouble of men

Still our God is faithful
Still our God is true
And He can be trusted, yes, He is with us

Our peace in every storm~