Stars and Galaxies

When one looks, into the night

And sees the star above

One sees, the one star

Shining brightly through the dark


Shining, its light to earth

To the world, and people below

Telling, of the goodness and fire of

The One who set it aflame


When one looks, into the night and

Sees, galaxies

And stars beyond count, wonders without measure

Shining brightly through the dark


Shining, its light to earth

To the world, and people below

Telling, of the goodness and fire of

The One who set them aflame


The night sings a song, each star

A melody its own

But when one listens, to the chorus of the universe

One hears


Glory, of another

Beauty, of another name

Fire, of a holy God

The One who hung each star and


Still loves us the same


Who set, galaxies in motion

And holds the world together

Who by His hands, keeps the universe together

And our lives the same


How good, how great He is

This mighty One, of Israel

He, who holds it all together

Who holds our hearts, and


Galaxies the same!

The Heartbeat

Feel that beating, feel that thing that from within you beats
Feel it push life throughout your body and
Feel it keep you walking forward

That beating, that throbbing from within your chest
Is not, just accident or
Miracle of nature

It is, purpose
Beating from within you and
Pushing you forwards to

Find the One who set it beating

For it is not, as some may say
A product of accident or
Any brilliance of nature or men

It is, the product of
Careful planning and instruction and
Intricate design

Fashioned by One, who us above
Who placed that heart within you that
Is beating continually

But why, you ask
Is such a thing inside of me
How could there by life, above men

How could there be a Creator in Heaven?

That, my dear friend
Is a beautifully complicated question that
Is yet so simple to answer

There is a God, who
In Heaven dwells
Who made Heaven and earth and

Crafted you, dear child, so intricately
And gave in you, a purpose, a desire to
Find the thing that made your heart beat

To find Him who gave you life

For there is, in every soul
A longing for one, or something greater
For something more than daily toils

There is, in every heart
An insatiable desire to
Find something, anything

To bring you peace and purpose in this life

Yet this thing, is often sought but
Often overlooked in pursuit
Of things easier or more comfortable

For men would rather look to world, and all the sin within
Than look up to Him above
Who crafted us in our mothers’ womb

For it is easier, at times
When faced with pain and suffering of this life
To run to drink, or lust, or friend,

Or anything at all to make us numb
To that which we cannot hide from
From that emptiness inside

For see, every man
Every soul born on earth
Is born into sin, as children of the world

Lost, without a way
Desperate for a Savior, they do not know
Needing something, anything to fill the void

Only One can fill

For we were made to worship Him
And find this God in Heaven
Yet when sin entered earth, we favored self and

Wanted to be like God

So we became flesh, mortal
And bound to death and sin
In our rebellion, we chose to deny Him and live for ourselves

And live mortal lives, bound in sin
That can only end in death
And in eternal torment

But even though, we did all this
Even though we ran away
Our God, whom we deserted

Still came for us

He did what we, could not and took
All our sins away
Upon His back, on the cross

That we may live as His, once more
For all eternity.
He bore our sin and shame

He took our every hurt

And gave Himself, in place of us
That we wouldn’t have to bear the weight
Of justice we deserved

For crimes against His Name

He took upon Himself
Our every rebellious doing and
Washed us, and cleansed us

With His Holy blood

That we could walk, with Him once more and
Be in fellowship with Him, our God
Our Glorious Creator!

So what, you may ask
Does all this have to do with me?
Why should I bother, believing such things

What can this God do for me?

That, is a question, I cannot answer
Only He, above who died and rose again
Can answer such a pondering

For it is He, who calls to men
And invites them to Himself
It is He, who gives them purpose and

Changes hearts of men
To beat for something greater than themselves and
To be no longer bound in sin

So instead of answer this question, only One can answer
I will tell you how to find Him
This God I speak so highly of

And honestly, it is not I
But One Above speaking through me who
Alone can save, and show His light

Only He can change men’s hearts!

I am just the messenger, but
I do know where to find Him
Or rather, how to be found by Him

Take a moment, in quiet place
Or in quietness of mind
And simply ask, this God above

To make Himself real to you
To speak to you in this moment
Even if you are doubting of His existence or great love

For this God, He is, One who delights in showing Himself
To those who want Him to
I know He pleasures when, men do come and

Ask to hear His voice

So I cannot tell you what will happen but
I promise, if you come and ask
For Him in quiet place

And lay down all agendas and, really look at self, and see the need
For something more than world can offer
For more than brokenness and pain

I know, and I promise, without doubt
Or any hesitation that
He is good. And He is faithful

To keep His promises and
Stay true to the goodness of His nature
And He will not ignore, a quiet voice or

Desperate scream in darkest night
For Him to come and meet them and
To make Himself known

For He is not passive, Him who gave us heartbeats
He is not lofty, though He is holier and more glorious
Than we could ever know

And He is, so much higher, so greater than
Any thought or man of earth or heaven
And is beautiful and terrible

And to be revered and feared

But He is, not uncaring
Not unseeing of your pain and
Not unknown to your days

For He made you and,
Is always present
And He knows all you’ve ever gone through and

All you’ve ever lost

And He, can be
He is, so much more
Than we could ever ask or know

And He will fill up, He will heal
Every hole, and broken place within us that
Can in no other way be fixed

For He crafted you, in mothers womb.
You are not alive by accident or
Born without purpose

For that same God, who painted stars and
Ordered galaxies
Has made you, simply because

He delights in you and
He knows your every thought and
Every beating of your heart

And He knows you, better than you know yourself
So please, consider Him and
Listen to His call

For He has died, to make a way
For you to be His own
He has made you, so intricately and

Has not formed you by accident

So no matter what life has taught you or
No matter what men have told you
No matter what lies you believe, or whisper to yourself

Know that there, is a God in Heaven who
Loves you more than words can say
More than you could ever know

And He is calling to you,
From beyond your hurt and pain
And He is offering, all He is and more

He has made Himself available
So if come, and call on Him
And simply say His name and ask Him to

Make Himself real to you

I promise that, He will answer
Though often not as we expect
And if you come, and lay your all

And surrender at His feet
And confess, your every sin and
Declare you are in need of Him

I promise He will meet you and
Make Himself real
And He will take you, into His arms and

Make you whole, by His hand and
Overcome you with His love
And He will do, as none but He can do

And bring you home, where you belong
And fill the emptiness within
And make you, His own

Belonging to this Savior, this Creator

That you may know, Him who gave you beating heart
Him who gave you purpose and longing for
Him and Him alone

Who died, to make you whole And
Who formed you in your mothers’ womb
That you may know, just why you were created

That you may know how much you are valued and
Prized in His sight
That He may make you clean and

Pure within His arms and
Make you new, beneath His blood
And give you heart of flesh, that you may know

The goodness of the Creator and
The love of this Savior who
Is calling out to you

And you can find Him and
Let Him catch you with His love
If you simply come to Him, and ask for Him

To make Himself known

Simply call, in repentance and
In absolute surrender and
Ask for Him, who alone can save

For Him, this Jesus

Who alone can satisfy~