A Moment

“Just a moment,
Just a moment please.”
A boy whispers, on busy street corner
To loud and toiling world around

A woman stops, for but a moment and
Wishes to say more
But with dismal glance away, she shrugs
“I’m sorry.” and keeps walking

Again, he tries another
“Just a moment sir,”
To busy man, with things to do
On way to important meeting

“I have no time.” He says in a rush
Putting up his hand as if to hush
The boy, and pleading eminating from
His kind and weary eyes

Again, another perhaps
This will be the one
A child, walking by
Holding mothers hand

“A moment,”
He asks,
Eager for reply
As child looks, and meets his eye

The two smile a second as
Time seems to stop
Eyes held, in contentment
Gazing into one another

“Come on.” Mother pulls
And yanks young girl away
Off on some busy trip
Away from boy, her friend never met

But felt there in that gaze

Then we see, after the people
Keep on passing by
The truth, of the boy
Not a boy at all

While seemingly clad, in tired rags
We see, a peculiar, mystery
The boy, the man in fact is
More than he appears

Mighty, holy
Held in human form
Kind, gracious, compassionate

Loving, and just forever

For boy, is no boy at all
But Spirit, holy
But Creator, loving
Asking us, for but a moment

To lavish His love upon us

For us to stop, in busy days
For but a second, and to see
As girl saw, in those eyes
Something, too wonderful to describe

Yet therein, lies
A peculiar, miraculous peace
Mingled with courage, love
And jealousy

Beauty and terror alike

The boy, boy no longer but
Man, fully grown
Hands pierced with nails
Head, bearing thorns

Walking off, towards calvary
There, on the busy street corner as
None see, nor care to notice
Condemned man, as He really is

But merely scoff, and laugh or even
Do not see Him at all
For busy-ness, and focus on
All the world around Him

But this Man, keeps on walking
Whether world acknowledges Him or not
Towards His task, His Father’s will
Full of pain, and suffering and yet

Peculiar, brutal beauty
Of tale of jealousy, of love
Mingled with passion, and justice
Wrath and mercy alike

That culminated, there on that tree where
Jesus paid, the price for me
For world, and us too busy to
Even know His name

Us, too blind in sin to
Even see His face
Us, too lost in anger and rebellion to
Even care to know His name

He still died, there He hung
For us, for me
That we might go free, and be
His, and His alone

Redemption laid,
Upon a tree
Our debt paid
By Him we owed

Our futures made alive in Him
Who died, so we could live
Free, from sin and death and
Free, to live for Him

Him who is so wonderful, so beautiful
So matchless, forevermore
To Him, dead no longer but
Risen, from tomb to heaven where

He sits enthroned, on praises and
Remains, at the right hand of the Father
Praying for us,
Interceding for us

Us, the once fallen
Now given life, in His blood
Us, so loved
Us, so desired

Us, so lost without Him
He waits for us to come
To Him, and find
All we could ever need

In Him, the crucified
The Risen, Redeemer
The loving God, the jealous Lover the
Just, and passionate Judge

Both beautiful and terrible
Perfect in wrath,
And mercy alike
So good, and so wonderful

May we praise Him,
And His great name
Now and, forevermore!
Him who is so merciful and

Him who is so good!

But may we not forget
That boy, on street corner
That Man, that Savior
Who made Himself available and

Redeemed us from our sins
May we not, leave Him on the cross
Nor let Him lie, in the grave
But remember, Him the living God

Our victorious King

And too, the loving Father
Who sent His Son, to die for us
Who beckons, by His Holy Spirit, that we
Come, for but a moment and

Many more, for all eternity in fact and
Come and spend, time with Him
Him who never fails
Who loves us so, who gave Himself

Who loves us as a Father and
Who adopted us, as His own
And who too, is within us
Burning, like fire to

Give us grace, and utterance to
Worship Him, in His strength and
Pursue Him, in our weakness
To follow Him, to lead us to Him

The three in One, the everlasting
Who calls to us, out of heaven and eternity
That we come, and spend a moment
With Him, in His Word

Making ourselves available
Open, to hear His words and
Even hear Him speak
That we may be, more like Him and

Know, His love for us and
Even more than this,
There, in the secret place
So run to Him, keep Him not waiting

Run to Him, for He is enough!


Above every distraction, above every lie
A battle cry rings out
Singing of the victory
Of the risen, reigning Lord

Who already fought the battle and
Who already won it

So we on earth, need not strive
To win, thing we could never attain
But that we might simply rest,
In Him and, who He is

And praise, His victory
Praise the One, the risen Son

Who died, and rose again
Who stands
Faithful, forevermore and
Reigns on High, above it all

Victorious and true, forevermore
Matchless in all He does

In mercy and
In justice alike
May we praise His name, forevermore
In songs and testimonies of

Lives lived, for His name
Of days, and breaths taken, for His glory

To Him, who is most worthy
To Him, who is so good
To Him who is unending,
Matchless, in all His love

Merciful, and true forevermore
May we trust His name alone!

Beauty in the Pain

In painful labor, filled with agony
Mingled with joy, as soul is brought fourth
Into world for first time
There is, both pain and beauty as

Life is welcomed in

As promise born, millennia before
Comes to fruition in the cries
Of small, baby boy
The Messiah come to earth to save

To bring to life those dead

And too, years on
As promised in Scriptures written
Long before He walked the earth, that baby now a man
Suffers and bleeds, in pain and torment

Bringing life to the world

As He bleeds upon the ground
Beaten, bruised, and shattered there by men
In all the pain and torment, in the agony and gruesome scene
Still, there is beauty as

Savior bears the weight of sin

There on the tree, as He hangs
Suffocating from the weight
Of own body and of sin
He dies, the earth shakes

And death is defeated

For that man, once infant born
To virgin in a stable
Was no ordinary man, no ordinary person sentenced
To die by crucifixion

He was not just a prophet
Nor was He one of many
He was, as He said He was
The very Son of God

Come to bring life to the earth
In infant’s cries, and final shout
As veil rent in two
All the earth was paid for

Every soul redeemed by that Man, the perfect One
Who died in our stead
That every man, who calls on Him
And acknowledges His sacrifice

Could be, brought into Life
Out of sin, into Him
Made whole and perfect by His blood
By His tender mercies

For such is He, our God who came to save
And makes beauty in the pain

In Need

Give me something that I may chase
A dream that I may pursue
A thing, greater than I
A thing I have never known

Give me something to chase
Show me a better World
I am desperate, and I am hungry
Give me more than I can know

I have nothing
Yet I have it all
The world has given me momentary happiness
But my soul, it longs for more

I am starving for purpose
I am desperate for a dream
Give me that which I have never known
Yes, give me that I have never seen

For I know, what world does offer
I know what path has wrought
All the world has given me
Is broken bones and shattered heart

My soul, it thirsts
Yet I know not where to look
Give me a purpose, lest I die
Give me more

Give me that which I have never known
For I am desperate
I am starving
My soul, it calls for that

That which I have never known
Give me Jesus. Give me Jesus.
Give me Him which I have never known
Give me He too wonderful for me

For I know, there is no other thing
I know there is no other way
So give me Him, give me this Jesus
Lest I die and fall to hell

For I know no other way
And my soul, it must have Him
Lest I die and fall to hell
Give me Him which I have never known

Give me Jesus. Give me Jesus
Him I have never known, yet my soul calls for
Give me reason, give me way
To seek Him in my life

I know not how to find Him but
I know He will find me
So I ask, dear God in Heaven
Give me You I have never known

Give me this Jesus.
For I am in need of You.


Walking through a tired world, I find

A mess of people, a world of sorrows entangled by

Strings of sorrow and of grief

Tying them to days past, and binding them


To future bathed in torment


For these sorrows and griefs, once masqueraded themselves as

Forest of joys, world of happiness and freedom

Yet now lay wrapped around them as chains, and shackles that

Cannot be broken by powers of men


By they who sought them so


But I see, too

Amidst this sea of brokenness and pain

A glimmer, a hope

A faint Light drawing closer to, those bound in chains and strings


Drawing closer to me


I twitch at coming light, as blinding as the sun, as it

Walks nearer me, bound in chains

And sorrows of a life lived out

And of rebellion to the Lord and God


In rebellion to my Maker


But yet, as I try to peer into Light

Drawing closer to my broken frame, I see

That He I denied, stands now before me

The God I rejected comes to me know


Bathed in robes of glory and of light


I close my eyes as Light draws nearer, for

Fear of growing blind

As glory and holiness ebbs closer, I feel

Heat radiating from that Light piercing through
Even the darkest of my sins and

Illuminating the cords and strings bound about me


What can I do?

Where can I go?

Chains have me bound so tightly, and yet

This Savior still draws closer


I wish to run, to escape

Away from such Beauty for

Beside Its Light, I see how broken and

How far I have truly fallen


Now bound in cords and strings

Held by chains to my sins


Suddenly, I feel a touch

A simple hand on my shoulder as

Heat rushes down into my body and

I writhe beneath the heavy weight, as it burns in my soul and


Melts my spirit with Its Light


Process is painful as

This hand touches me

As all within me is laid bare and

I am left as I truly am, without façade


Broken, broken and

Bound by heavy chains


Not strings, of simple cord but

Heavy iron shackles, around my wrists and ankles

Laid around my neck and heart

Binding me, to my transgressions


I see it all next to this Light, as it rages deep within me

From holy hand upon my shoulder


Amidst the pain and incessant burning, I hear

Simple whisper, marked with love and mercy speak

Words of comfort to my soul

As it asks, with quiet passion
Do you wish to be free?


I remain a moment, stunned by question

Still burning by this Light

Yet nod, with all strength I can spare

Wearied by reality of my state, so broken and


Bound by heavy chains


I feel hand, move beneath my chin and

Lift my head to meet Its gaze

I dare not open eyes, yet something pushes me

To do so, as I see


Beauty, Beauty, as I

Have never known before

Such beauty, such holiness

Stands before me know


Burning, and bathing me with

Holy, holy Light


Suddenly, I feel a tug as

Chains are ripped from arms and neck and

Fall from my ankles and

Rush towards Him, that Light before me


As if chains were called by name and

Respond to some Lord, not their own but

Powerful, and Mightier than

Any one on earth and


Greater than their own master who

Gave these chains to me, in exchange for

Moment of happiness and

False joy drenched in lustful rebellion


These shackles stop, before Him and

Almost stoop, as if to bow

Before this Lord of Heaven and

Bid Him homage, as if shrinking beneath
Weight of His holiness and glory


I watch, suddenly as

Light becomes, as form of man

Still all God, yet all man, as He

Stands before me, masqueraded in


Human flesh, with glory and holiness

Not tainted by mortal body


In an instant, chains leap back

Unsure of what this means

Yet, I see in His eyes

That Light that stands before me in human flesh


A desire, a passion for

Some cause, greater than Himself

Given by , His Father and

Willed by Heaven’s King


With deliberate action, He

Lifts His arms out from His sides and

Looks too chains, and bids them come

And lay on Him instead


Chains look at each other in

Curious, wicked glee and

Quickly, yet hesitantly rush towards Him

As if with haste, and worry of some trick


And bind Him where He stands


I look now, to this Savior, to this God of Heaven and

See Him, in human form, now willfully bond

By my own transgressions and

Can’t help but weep, as I stand free


The one deserving of this fate, before

He who deserved it, least of all

Him who reigns over galaxies and

Governs stars above


Now bound, in my chains

A priceless, reckless gift of love

For me, for me

For me who deserved it all


I am undone.


But story does not end there, no

Justice was paid in full

For death, was warranted and

Deserved by me who bore those chains


And now fell upon, this Holy God

Who now stood before me, bound willingly

As tears ran from His face

Of love, and mercy and


Perhaps even for me


They led Him off, those chains of mine

And dragged Him off to hill, where men

With chains of own, beat Him and

Hung Him on a tree


I could no longer, bear the sight

I fell to knees, and wept most bitterly

For He, now bore weight of my rebellion and

Now hung in my place


Cut off, even

From His Father, in Heaven as

He became, literal sacrifice

Pure and spotless Lamb who took the weight and


Punishment of my sin

And took it all, every sin

And bore penalty of death, for every sinner

Even those who crucified Him


And He did it all, so willingly

For He was stonger, mightier, holier

The very God of Heaven, and yet

Allowed Himself to become sin and


Be killed for my transgressions


A mystery, a mystery

I will never understand


Then, all of a sudden as

I had head laid on ground, in the dust

My tears turning earth to mud

Ground shook, most violently and


Darkness fell on land


All the world grew silent as

If in hush, as if in stunned silence as

Holy One, of Heaven breathed

His last upon the earth


As the very Son of God, was dead

Killed by iniquity not His own


I rose, in stunned silence as

The deed was at last done

My price, was fully paid

My burdens, fully bore


By He who did not deserve them, by Him, the Holy One

Of Heaven who was now deceased, and hung limp on tree

On tree meant for me

Meant for every soul of earth, now spared by


This Man’s own Holy blood


What mercy, what love was shown

That day on Calvary

When Messiah, when pure Lamb came down

And died for you and me?
A question, I

Have spent lifetime trying to answer, and yet

Have never found end too, this bottomless question

Of the reality, of the true worth of Him, who died for me


Of Him who took my shame, and chains and

Carried them to cross

And did not hesitate to die, nor suffer in my stead

Yet paid it all, to make me free and


Do His Father’s will


A mystery, a God

A Savior, far too wonderful for me

Yet I will, forever praise Him

For story did not end there


He rose again, when three days past and

Defeated hell and grave

He broke the power, of all my chains and

Of every sin and evil of the earth


That those who, believe in Him and

Trust His Holy Name

And accept, His Holy Gift

He, that pure Sacrifice

May be saved, may be redeemed and

Delivered by His blood

Made pure, made holy by

His own holy blood and name


Made His own, made children of God

By this Savior of the world!


So I will spend, all my days

Every hour, every moment praising

Him, this God, this Holy One

Who died and rose again, who saved me from


All my iniquities!


Who gave me His Son, to die in my stead

To make me free, no strings nor chains

Made perfect by His blood

Made His, made His


Purchased by this Savior of the world!


For it is not me, nor is it anything

I did or could ever do to deserve

Such a holy, holy gift, only goodness of He

Of HE who died for me


The Mystery, I will never fully understand

Yet I will praise, for all eternity

In life eternal given by

This Holy One of Heaven for


He is so worthy, He has no equal

There is none like Him on the earth, nor in

All creation under Heaven

Nor in all Heaven itself


For He, this God

This Godhead three in One is,

Matchless, holy and
Passionate, and jealous for all days


With no equal on the earth!


And He has saved me, yes, He has made a way

For all men, to come to Him

No matter how broken or forgotten

That they may be, cleansed and healed by His blood


And made His, belonging to

This Savior of the world, this God in Heaven that

Is so good, and forever worthy

He who has no equal!


So praise Him, praise Him this holy God who

Took all our shame and

All our iniquities

And bore them, Himself


Placed on His Holy Son


He who made us free, He who has redeemed us

Let us praise Him, forever more

This God who is so worthy and

Made a way, to make us free


Who broke off, every chain and

Power of hell below

Who made possible, for broken men to be’

Restored by His blood
And made His, and made His

Belonging to the only Living God

The Spotless One of Heaven

He who is forever worthy, so deserving


Let us praise Him forevermore!

Throw It Away

Overwhelmed, undone in the face of
The Holy uncreated God
The One who is, and is to come

I know not what to do!

I find myself, vulnerable
Wide open in the presence of this One, this God that I
Do not, cannot fully comprehend, yet lives

Yet reigns on High!

When faced with such a Holy One
When before such a Holy God
My spirit screams, my heart yearns

For just a touch from His hand
For just a look from His Holy face!

Yet the liar, tells me that
This is not real
That world is better than, all this God can offer and

That he offers more than this God could ever and that I
Should simply though Him away, this God, this delusion and

Believe his lies today

I feel my bones aching as
Darkness fills my eyes
The world is beautiful, my lusts, so tangible

Perhaps his words are true

All I want, all I desire is
Within arms reach
Just a denial away from my grasp

All I have to do, is say no to this God, this Holy One
Him who the liar claims is false
And I will have, all I desire

I will be who I want to be!

No! No!
I will not deny Him
I will not deny my Lord!

Fight, oh spirit within me
Rage against the dying light
Rage against the darkness!

You are more than this lust
You were purchased at great price
Don’t throw it, don’t throw is all away

For a night in bed with earth’s riches
Met by dawn of eternal torment!

Rage, fight!
Rise again, do not sleep
Your God is more real, more tangible

Than any lie of earth

He is true, yes, He is true!
My God, He is true!

Wake up, oh soul within me
Rage against this liars words
Fight against the deception!

Not with power of
Your own might but
By Spirit, by word of

This God you need, Him you love
Return to Him again!

Oh fight, oh rage
Oh do not fall asleep
Many men have been fed lullabies

Drenched in blood of innocent men who died, to be silenced that
The truth of their God may not be proclaimed!

Too many souls have been told that lies are
The food, the bread and butter of
Successful society, and have thus

Sold their souls to the liar and found themselves
Apart from God and without Light!

Oh who can save them from ourselves
Oh who, oh soul in me
Can save you from yourself?

None of men, none of liar, no
There is only One
The Holy, uncreated God, it is Him alone who saves

Oh call, oh call on Him again
Do not slumber, do not dance with lies
As couple dances in courtship but

Instead, strike them down
And scream that name above
Every other name

Rage, rage
Against the darkness and
Scream the name of Jesus

Watch them run, watch them fall
The lies you courted once
Watch the shackles fall away, as He comes

As Savior enters room

And find that God is, more real than any and
Find Him mighty, find Him strong
A refuge for the weak

And find in Him, your everything
Find in Him your all and all
Yes, call on Him, the Living God in Heaven

Do not throw Him away!

Find Him, seek Him and
Brother, He will find you
Watch Him take you up, in arms of love

Watch Him clothe you in His righteousness

And watch darkness fall, away to light
And morning sun blade once more
As King walks in, to mortal room and

All eternity shakes

As heaven rejoices as, a soul comes home
As one is welcomed home
As Savior covers you, in His blood

And makes you as His own

Such a thing is, too beautiful
Such a God is too wonderful
Seek Him, seek Him, I pray

Run to Him again
And watch as lies, fall powerless
Watch as liar runs away

As Savior, meets you where you are and
As He blinds you with His Holy light
And all of Heaven, rejoices and

Welcomes you home

Redeemed, purified by Him,
The God in Heaven who
Is so real, is so tangible

The Holy Living God, who hears
The Great I AM Himself~

I Do Not Believe It

I do not believe it that

You would come, and die for me

The rejected of the earth


I do not believe it, that

Still, after all these years of hardship and rebellion You

Still remain here by my side


I do not believe it that

You would come, and give Yourself

That You would give Your Son for me


Who am I, who am I to deserve

Such love, such mercy from

You the unfailing God


For in Your eyes, truly I

Am nothing without You

Truly I, am lost without


Your unending grace


So how could I, ever hope

To believe such a thing

That You, the uncreated God


Have loved me as You have


That You have done, so much for me

That You order all creation, and yet

Choose to look at me


I will not believe it!


Yet, it is You

My God unfailing that

Pushes me, and calls me to


Believe in such a gift


It is You, and You alone that

Calls me to trust in You, and in that trusting come

To revelation of Your love, that I may see


The reality, the beauty of

You, my God, who has no equal

You who have loved me so


I am lost for words!


So help me God, to believe it so

Help me to trust in You

And in that trusting, find You as


You truly are


Benevolent, merciful

Loving and forever true

Always constant, never failing


My God who has no equal!


Yet the mystery, still remains

That You would come for me

For it was I, who trespassed You


I who failed and denied Your name


Yet it was You who came

It was You who took my place, and died upon

Tree called Calvary


And You took it all, You bore my shame

You freed me from my sins

You took Your own wrath, that I may be


Free and redeemed by Your blood

Pure and holy by the name, by that beautiful name

The name of Jesus Christ


The mystery Himself


And I choose to believe it!

For You have proved Yourself, merciful and true

In every day, in every pain


You keep drawing me to You


So I choose, this day to trust

In You the never ending God

To love, to hope, in You alone


My God who never fails

My God who has no equal, I

I believe that You


Are good, and true, and trustworthy

For now and all days

For have paid it all, yes You have paid the price for me


To be Your own child, chosen by

You my God in Heaven!

For that is mystery, that we


Did not choose You


But rather that You, oh merciful God

In Your goodness and Your love

Chose to save us from Your wrath, by Your own blood


Yes, You gave Your Son for us

You the uncreated God, the beautiful Mystery

Help us to believe in You, and Your goodness that
We may declare it before all men


That we, may be

As lights here on this earth

Reflecting You, and Your goodness


Here upon the earth


So help us to, trust in You

And continually believe

That You are, exactly as You say You are


The God who never fails

The God who chose us first, and He who died

And rose again to save us from


Ourselves and our sin
To make us Your own, to make us free

Able to fellowship with You,

You the uncreated God
We believe in You

We call on You this day!


For we are, in desperate need

We are yearning for You again

Come and heal, come restore our lands


Have mercy on our sinful borders and

Bring us back to You!

For we are nothing, without You


We need You in this place


So come, and move in us again

Come and change us with reality, with fire of

Your Love and holy name


Come and make us, Yours alone

Help us to believe

That You are, as You say You are
And that You can be trusted, You who are

You who are the unfailing God

Our God who has no equal
The God who has no end!

The Heartbeat

Feel that beating, feel that thing that from within you beats
Feel it push life throughout your body and
Feel it keep you walking forward

That beating, that throbbing from within your chest
Is not, just accident or
Miracle of nature

It is, purpose
Beating from within you and
Pushing you forwards to

Find the One who set it beating

For it is not, as some may say
A product of accident or
Any brilliance of nature or men

It is, the product of
Careful planning and instruction and
Intricate design

Fashioned by One, who us above
Who placed that heart within you that
Is beating continually

But why, you ask
Is such a thing inside of me
How could there by life, above men

How could there be a Creator in Heaven?

That, my dear friend
Is a beautifully complicated question that
Is yet so simple to answer

There is a God, who
In Heaven dwells
Who made Heaven and earth and

Crafted you, dear child, so intricately
And gave in you, a purpose, a desire to
Find the thing that made your heart beat

To find Him who gave you life

For there is, in every soul
A longing for one, or something greater
For something more than daily toils

There is, in every heart
An insatiable desire to
Find something, anything

To bring you peace and purpose in this life

Yet this thing, is often sought but
Often overlooked in pursuit
Of things easier or more comfortable

For men would rather look to world, and all the sin within
Than look up to Him above
Who crafted us in our mothers’ womb

For it is easier, at times
When faced with pain and suffering of this life
To run to drink, or lust, or friend,

Or anything at all to make us numb
To that which we cannot hide from
From that emptiness inside

For see, every man
Every soul born on earth
Is born into sin, as children of the world

Lost, without a way
Desperate for a Savior, they do not know
Needing something, anything to fill the void

Only One can fill

For we were made to worship Him
And find this God in Heaven
Yet when sin entered earth, we favored self and

Wanted to be like God

So we became flesh, mortal
And bound to death and sin
In our rebellion, we chose to deny Him and live for ourselves

And live mortal lives, bound in sin
That can only end in death
And in eternal torment

But even though, we did all this
Even though we ran away
Our God, whom we deserted

Still came for us

He did what we, could not and took
All our sins away
Upon His back, on the cross

That we may live as His, once more
For all eternity.
He bore our sin and shame

He took our every hurt

And gave Himself, in place of us
That we wouldn’t have to bear the weight
Of justice we deserved

For crimes against His Name

He took upon Himself
Our every rebellious doing and
Washed us, and cleansed us

With His Holy blood

That we could walk, with Him once more and
Be in fellowship with Him, our God
Our Glorious Creator!

So what, you may ask
Does all this have to do with me?
Why should I bother, believing such things

What can this God do for me?

That, is a question, I cannot answer
Only He, above who died and rose again
Can answer such a pondering

For it is He, who calls to men
And invites them to Himself
It is He, who gives them purpose and

Changes hearts of men
To beat for something greater than themselves and
To be no longer bound in sin

So instead of answer this question, only One can answer
I will tell you how to find Him
This God I speak so highly of

And honestly, it is not I
But One Above speaking through me who
Alone can save, and show His light

Only He can change men’s hearts!

I am just the messenger, but
I do know where to find Him
Or rather, how to be found by Him

Take a moment, in quiet place
Or in quietness of mind
And simply ask, this God above

To make Himself real to you
To speak to you in this moment
Even if you are doubting of His existence or great love

For this God, He is, One who delights in showing Himself
To those who want Him to
I know He pleasures when, men do come and

Ask to hear His voice

So I cannot tell you what will happen but
I promise, if you come and ask
For Him in quiet place

And lay down all agendas and, really look at self, and see the need
For something more than world can offer
For more than brokenness and pain

I know, and I promise, without doubt
Or any hesitation that
He is good. And He is faithful

To keep His promises and
Stay true to the goodness of His nature
And He will not ignore, a quiet voice or

Desperate scream in darkest night
For Him to come and meet them and
To make Himself known

For He is not passive, Him who gave us heartbeats
He is not lofty, though He is holier and more glorious
Than we could ever know

And He is, so much higher, so greater than
Any thought or man of earth or heaven
And is beautiful and terrible

And to be revered and feared

But He is, not uncaring
Not unseeing of your pain and
Not unknown to your days

For He made you and,
Is always present
And He knows all you’ve ever gone through and

All you’ve ever lost

And He, can be
He is, so much more
Than we could ever ask or know

And He will fill up, He will heal
Every hole, and broken place within us that
Can in no other way be fixed

For He crafted you, in mothers womb.
You are not alive by accident or
Born without purpose

For that same God, who painted stars and
Ordered galaxies
Has made you, simply because

He delights in you and
He knows your every thought and
Every beating of your heart

And He knows you, better than you know yourself
So please, consider Him and
Listen to His call

For He has died, to make a way
For you to be His own
He has made you, so intricately and

Has not formed you by accident

So no matter what life has taught you or
No matter what men have told you
No matter what lies you believe, or whisper to yourself

Know that there, is a God in Heaven who
Loves you more than words can say
More than you could ever know

And He is calling to you,
From beyond your hurt and pain
And He is offering, all He is and more

He has made Himself available
So if come, and call on Him
And simply say His name and ask Him to

Make Himself real to you

I promise that, He will answer
Though often not as we expect
And if you come, and lay your all

And surrender at His feet
And confess, your every sin and
Declare you are in need of Him

I promise He will meet you and
Make Himself real
And He will take you, into His arms and

Make you whole, by His hand and
Overcome you with His love
And He will do, as none but He can do

And bring you home, where you belong
And fill the emptiness within
And make you, His own

Belonging to this Savior, this Creator

That you may know, Him who gave you beating heart
Him who gave you purpose and longing for
Him and Him alone

Who died, to make you whole And
Who formed you in your mothers’ womb
That you may know, just why you were created

That you may know how much you are valued and
Prized in His sight
That He may make you clean and

Pure within His arms and
Make you new, beneath His blood
And give you heart of flesh, that you may know

The goodness of the Creator and
The love of this Savior who
Is calling out to you

And you can find Him and
Let Him catch you with His love
If you simply come to Him, and ask for Him

To make Himself known

Simply call, in repentance and
In absolute surrender and
Ask for Him, who alone can save

For Him, this Jesus

Who alone can satisfy~